Thursday, February 19, 2009

Keilani-ism and Sadie-Silly

Today Sadie was having "one of those days" today where she just did not want to cooperate. She has recently been wanting to always wear Keilani's clothes. Today she had on Keilani's Christmas dress, which she has the EXACT same dress. I asked her to take it off and put on regular clothes. She refused and after I scolded her and asked her again, she said to me, "Are you done arguing with me? Mommy, you are not choosing the right!" I tried to help her realize that she was the one not choosing the right since she was being disobedient. She still did not take off the dress and after repeated demands, I was told by her, "Mind your own business. I am NOT going to deal with you right now." Frazzled, I gave up. Some time later she was sitting in a chair and said, "Mommy, I'm sorry. I love you!" I gave her a hug and all was well. She quickly jumped up and went and changed her clothes.

Keilani was talking about Mario and how he always chases her and tries to hit her. Jake asked her how it made her feel when he kissed her. She said, "kind of mad at him...and a teeny bit happy."
I was at work at Costco the other day and Jake and Keilani came in to visit me. I was serving yogurt and gave them each a few samples. On the way out, Keilani said to Jake, "Mommy is doing a great job. I hope that lots of people like her yogurt. Maybe she should make sandwiches, then lots of people would like her sandwiches."
Tonight she saw a wishing star in the sky. Jake asked her what she wished for and she replied, "I want the whole world to be clean with no garbage anywhere on it." Then she said, "I want to go hiking with garbage bags and we can pick up all the garbage that we see on the ground." Sadie made a wish too. She wished for the mountains, the trees, the signs, the road, the water, and the people. I don't think she really got the whole idea of making a wish! But then again, maybe she did.


Terry and Nicholle said...

I love your girls, they have so much spirit and spunk. I know you are like yeah great, but I think that is what makes them great!!! I love that they are worried about the earth too. =)

Sara said...

OH! Those are sweet isms. : ) I love the wishes!!

Brett and Amy said...

You are so good at recapping stories. I've already forgotten them by the time I get to the computer or paper to write them down. They sound so cute.
On another note, can you twist "kguiness"'s arm into inviting me onto her blog. I'd love to see how she's doing.