Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Keilani lost a tooth!!

We had an eventful evening tonight. Keilani decided that it was time for her loose tooth to be removed. She suggested that we tie string around it and slam the door. So, as per her request, we did just that. Dental floss around the tooth, attached to the front door, Keilani sitting on the step. We were a little worried that an over-reaction would take place, but much to our surprise...she was calm, cool, and collected! Unfortunately, we didn't think the entire thing through very carefully since she was sitting on our cream colored carpet near the front door. No blood was spilled on the carpet(thank goodness), but the tooth went MIA. We're not sure if it went flying out the door as it was slammed or if it landed deep in the fibers of the carpet. We searched and searched and much to our dismay, we found nothing. Fortunately, Keilani wasn't too broken up about the literal losing of the loose tooth and seemed content to write a letter to the tooth fairy and share the bad news. The note says, "This is Keilani. I lost a tooth. I don't know where it is." Sadie felt that she needed to add her note to Keilani's and draw a picture of Keilani with her loose tooth. We were so excited for Keilani and so were she and Sadie. It was such a fun and exciting night!


Jeremy Saunders said...

that is quite the first lost tooth story!!!! way to be brave keilani! Aidan wiggled and wiggled for months!

PattyFergi said...

This is great. Sadie was sooo excited to tell me the story today in Church. I asked, "did Keilani put the tooth under her pillow?" and she paused and stared at me with a huge smile on my face for about a minute and then said, "yeah!"...haha It was pretty funny!

Sara said...

!!! That is SO funny!!! I'm amazed you guys followed through with slamming the door!!! I think I would chicken out - even though it wasn't my tooth on the line!! I LOVE the card for the tooth fairy!!! : ) The picture is especially awesome!!!! : ) --So are the picts of the girls!!! They are so cute!!!

Raising Royalty said...

Take a pair of Panty hose and place it over the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner. Vacuum the area on your knees. It will collect your tooth without going into the vacuum bag or container!
Good luck!
It worked in 1970's SHAG carpet back in 1980! Hope it works for you!