Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Sadie Silly that beats ALL!!

Sadie. Oh sweet little innocent Sadie. But is she? I would venture to say, looks can be deceiving!

So, here's how the story goes. About 3 weeks ago, Jake's wallet disappeared. He claimed he had left it on the kitchen counter. So, we quickly dismissed the possibility that it could be outside of the house. Our first thought was to ask Sadie, "Where's daddy's wallet?" Her answer was, "In the closet." So, we proceeded to go through her closet, her room, and every other closet in the house. Over the course of 3 weeks, we have ripped the house apart, going through bedrooms, playrooms, purses, toy closets, toy boxes, pockets, you name it we went through it. No wallet to be found anywhere. Meantime, constantly asking Sadie day after day "Where's daddy's wallet?" Each day it drifted further and further from her memory until she had no idea where it was. Today, we finally gave up hope of ever finding it and determined that our home must be a black hole where things just disappear. Jake was going to go and cancel all of his cards and go get a new driver's license.
Later this afternoon, as I was looking for some frosting in the back of my pantry cupboard I was moving things around and found this. So, of course we called Sadie over to have a look. Jake said, "Sadie, look in here." She grabbed the wallet and with some excitement said, "Aahh, your wallet!!" Then Jake asked her if she put it there. She said, "No, Keinani did." Then she said, "Aaahh, and I found it for you!" Oh Sadie! What a crazy and fabulously funny girl she is. I laughed for a good while after that one!

Fortunately, Jake didn't have time to cancel his cards yet and get a new license! However, he did find some extra cards in his wallet that Sadie found in the garbage and put in. Aaahhh. These are the days of our lives!


jenn gent said...

Your blog looks great! :)

And you found batteries for the camera! Yeah!

You have a Sadie Smarty Pants!

HandsomeRob said...

She is so adorable!
I think that three is the best age ever! Paden comes up with the funniest things in his little mind that has us all laughing!
Keep the Sadie Sillies coming.

The Tobler bunch said...

Love the songs and love the post. We have stuff like that around our house. These kids are just so silly and such smarties. I love the picture of Sadie hugging Jake. So sweet!

PattyFergi said...

hehe...what a goof! I'm glad you guys found it! And man, I would not have quit until I found it! I would have went nuts! She really is such a sweet girl. What a charming smile on that little one!

Oh and about the pics, I totally don't mind putting them on a c.d. but, would you rather me print them out b/c it's not expensive to print them at rite aide? What's better for you?