Thursday, October 30, 2008

We need work!

We are realizing that with the economy the way it is it is having an effect on us and our business. We are asking for help from anyone who wants to give it. We have expanded our business to do roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, window cleaning and moss treatment. There is no soliciting in Sudden Valley, which is one of the places that need it the most. So, if you are ever out talking to your neighbors about those moss problems or pesky leaves clogging your gutter, drop our name...Alpine Roofing. We service all of Whatcom, Island and Skagit county, and may even consider Snohomish county also. We also repair roofs and replace them as well. Also, if anyone knows of anyone that needs painting done, interior or exterior, maybe if you wouldn't mind putting a good word in for us that would be awesome! Marriott Homes Painting is the name of that business. Jake can be reached for either business at 398-8500 or email at Thanks everyone!

Sadie silly: Sadie and Keilani were talking at the breakfast table and Sadie said, "We need a new mommy and daddy. We don't need this kind of mommy and daddy anymore. We just need a new mommy and daddy." Boy did that ever make us as parents feel like a million bucks!
Later that day, Jake sneezed very loudly and Sadie laughed and said, "that was a BIG bless you!"

Keilani-ism: I was chopping onions to put in our dinner tonight which caused my eyes to burn and tear up. Keilani was sitting at the table coloring. A few minutes after I was done chopping and my eyes had calmed a bit, Keilani said, "My eyes hurt too much when I color." I guess the vapors had mosied over to her and were effecting her eyes too. I then explained that it was not the coloring that was doing it to her, it was the onions.


PattyFergi said...

If you make a cute little flier of some sort, I would gladly put it on cars while I take Will for our little walks! Things will get better. We'll keep you in our prayers.

p.s. You're great parents!

jenn gent said...

I'll name drop whenever I can!

And that Sadie... so funny!

"ECHO" said...

I will keep my eyes and ears open for you.