Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

We went to the Biringer Farms Pumpkin Patch down in Marysville last Saturday with Jake's sister Keira and her husband Jason. We had a great time, yet it was also sad since the farm has lost their lease on the land and will be moving to a new location without the pumpkins. We've been going as a tradition every year with Keira and Jason and some other friends since Keilani was a baby. We all dress up in costumes and pick out our pumpkins and do all the fun stuff they have to offer. The girls got their faces painted. Keilani had a green Pegasus and Sadie had, of course, and orange Dolphin. Pictures: Keira and Jason showing off their costumes with the girls. Jake was part of the entertainment by giving the girls wheelbarrel rides, which they LOVED!!! Keilani found just the right pumpkin. The rule is if you can pick it up you can keep it! After many struggles, she finally picked it up! Sadie enjoying a tootsie pop that a lady gave her at the entrance of the patch. Typical sight for Sadie...she is a candy-aholic!
There was a few little playgrounds for the kids to play. At one of them there was these cute little twin boys that were 4 years old. I was dressed like a witch and was standing by the ladder of the slide watching Sadie. One of the little boys said, "Hi witch! I need a Hi-Five!" So I gave him one and his brother needed one too. This happened a few times and then after about the 4th time of Hi-fivin' the same boy said, "Hi witch! I love you!" and gave me a great big hug. It was so funny! Another funny thing that happened was Keira was dressed like a bavarian bar maid and this Japanese family came into the patch and thought she was one of the workers and got their whole family together to have a picture with her. Then at the playground another family came and their little girl wanted a picture with her. Keira was famous for a day!
After the patch, we went to Keira and Jason's house for dinner and they gave the girls a huge bucket of candy and surprises. The girls were THRILLED to say the least! The day was great, so Thank you to Keira and Jason for making our pumpkin patch experience so fun!!


HandsomeRob said...

I love the picture of the girls' faces as Jake's giving them a ride!Keira's outfit is the best and her braids that are strategically placed to cover up!

abbyandcompany said...

Okay, that photos of the three is the coolest photo around. Send it to photo contests.

The Tobler bunch said...

Now that is what we call blogging. I love it! Loved the pictures! They are just awesome!
Keep 'em coming! luv ya!