Sunday, October 19, 2008

Out of the mouth of Babes

Keilani-ism: (This is when Jake was washing her hair this morning in the bathtub) "Ouch! You're hurting my forehead...(long pause then smile)...AND you're hurting my five-head too!"
She thought she was really funny...she was laughing at herself pretty hard!
Then later as we were heading down to the car to go to church she came to the amazing realization of her own body control. She said, "When I don't want to walk I just stop. Then when I want to walk again, I start walking." WOW! Isn't she smart?! Heehee!

Sadie-silly: Tonight's dinner was steak, rice and veggies. It was difficult to get the girls to eat all of their dinner. Needless to say there was talk of going to bed early. After Sadie finished, she got her reward of a piece of her halloween candy. Jake asked her to go brush her teeth and get her jammies on. Her reply was, "But I'm not whining or crying or kicking anybody or hitting anybody, I'm just being happy!" In her mind, she didn't think she needed to get ready for bed, despite the fact that it took both of them FOREVER to eat so it was the usual bedtime anyway. As she was getting ready for bed, we spotted something weird and crusty on her leg. I asked, "Sadie what's that on your leg?" Her non-chalant reply, "Just squished rice."

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The Tobler bunch said...

That is awesome! We love it! I love how little girls are so smart!