Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Sadie silly

Jake took Sadie with him tonight and he had to stop at Costco for a bit. They each got a slice of pizza and Sadie ate her entire piece except for the crust. She said, "I ate ALL of my pizza...AND...I made a rainbow!" (rainbow referring to her crust in the shape of an arc!) What an imagination!
This next Sadie silly is not for the faint of heart. She had to go to the bathroom so they stopped at a Texaco. As with any public bathroom she was vocalizing her ability to make lots of noise. She had to go #2 and with the first push she said, "My poop is stuck in my bum." Then when it fell into the toilet she said, "that was a little Sadie poop!" Then she had a bigger one and said, "here comes a mommy poop and it's swimming." Then her final push she said, "here comes a daddy poop!" Then she said, "now their all swimming together!" Which one of you out there influenced this one, hmm? Was it Julia? It certainly did not come from either of us!


The Tobler bunch said...

I think your blog is going to become one of my favorite ones to read. I laughed on these today! Thanks so much! I love your girls. They are just who they are and they are so natural about it!
p.s I am sitting on my bum being lazy like the DR told me to.

PattyFergi said...

Where do they come up with these things?! I love it!

"ECHO" said...

Cute stories! Kids are so funny. And where am I on your friends list? Huh? :) And since I didn't call you go to my blog and read what we are having. email me if you need my blog address.

Amy R.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't me! I don't poop in front of your kids, and I definitely try to get out of wiping their bums :) That's pretty funny though--a family trip to the swimming pool.

The Northwest Bunch said...

Becky I tagged you so you need to check out my blog for what you need to do.