Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another day in the life of...

Well today I decided to be ambitious and bake something. I decided to try to make it healthy, which I have now come to the conclusion that I really didn't want "healthy" today. So I tried to make healthy cinnamon rolls. BAD IDEA!!! What was I thinking? I used the white beans instead of butter for the dough, used honey instead of sugar, ground up oats for flour, and used Sucanat instead of brown sugar for the inside. was gross! I probably won't try that again. They were heavy as rocks and somewhat crunchy. Some things are better left to their original recipe of fatness!

Tonight I went to Young Women's and taught the girls a few different techniques for cookie decorating. It was good fun. It made me realize how much I miss being with them all the time! They are such an awesome group of girls and have such strong spirits.

Now for the moment you have been waiting for:

Sadie silly (which isn't very silly this time): Sadie went to work with Jake yesterday and at one point she waited in the car for him at a job site for a few minutes. When he got back in the car she said, "Daddy, I sang I Love To See The Temple ALL by myself! It makes me feel better when I sing it. The spirit feels really soft." That is Sadie's favorite song. We sing it every week in FHE.

Keilani-ism: On Monday, Jake was taking Keilani to school when an ambulence drove by with it's siren going. Jake explained to her that somebody is probably hurt and the ambulence goes to pick people up when we call 911. Then he asked her what she should do if someone gets hurt at our house. She replied, "First we say a prayer, because that's what Grandma Johnsen would do, then we call 911." Although we have our ups and downs, she has taught us a lot about what priorities need to be. When she was 3, we were talking about faith and we asked her if she knew what faith was. She said "No." So it was a perfect teaching opportunity for us and we thought we would use an example. We asked, "Have you seen Jesus before?" To our surprise, she said "Yes." We asked her what he looked like. She kind of laughed and in a "duh" voice she said, "He looks like Jesus!" Then we asked her if he said anything to her. She said that he did. So we asked her what he said. Her reply was, "Jesus told me that God is forever, we need to have faith, and that we need to pray to him everyday." We asked her if he said that before she came to earth or if it was when she was a baby. She tapped her forehead with her finger and smiled and said, "I don't know. My brain won't let me talk anymore." You can imagine our wonderment because she doesn't really make things up unless she states beforehand that something is pretend. Sometimes with kids I think the veil is thinner than we think it is.


Martincrew said...

I LOVE that!! Goosebumps!

"ECHO" said...

I agree that the veil is thinner. I don't have a cool story like you do, but I definetely agree.