Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Apparently I am not updating my blog quick enough for some! So, for those of you who can't go longer than 2 days between updates, I will do my best to keep up to the expectation of being a "true blogger." I will not guarantee anything, however I will TRY! Well, here is my post to catch you up on my every little detail since last week. So I hope you are in a comfortable seat!

Last friday was my mom's birthday, so of course I decorated a cake for her. Then we headed down to my brother's house to celebrate. We also were celebrating Sadie's birthday. I know this may come as a shock to some of you, but...I ate FISH! Not just any fish, fresh salmon. I usually try and stay away from any seafaring creature. I'm usually not a fish eater or enjoyer, so I was a little leary to try the salmon. To my surprise it was actually tasty! I'm one of those people who always tastes the fishyness in fish no matter how many people tell me, "Oh, just try this fish. It doesn't taste fishy at all." I was shocked to realize that this fish that I ate, really didn't taste like fish. I'm not going to become a huge seafood fan just because of this one experience, but I am proud of myself for at least having the courage to venture out of my comfort zone and trying it.

So, when it was time for cake, my sister-in-law put on 2 trick candles along with the regular ones. I wish you could've have seen Sadie's face when the candles re-lit by themselves. It was a look of shock and disbelief and shear confusion. It was AWESOME!!! I think my neice took pictures so hopefully I can get some of those from her and share them.

Saturday we had company come into town. John and Karina Calderwood with their baby girl Kelsey. It was great to see John again and to meet his wife and baby. Jake was helping our chiropractor move for half the day so the house cleaning was left for me, which was AWESOME since I had made homemade rolls and a birthday cake and frosting on friday and didn't have time to clean all of it up. Needless to say, I spent about 2 1/2 hours cleaning my kitchen and cutting the greasiness from the frosting off of my counters and floor.

Today something fun happened. I was driving home from town and I heard on the radio that 104.3 was down at Sehome Haggen's doing a food drive. They said that you could go and donate or donate in the name of your business and they would put a plug in for you on the radio. So, I called up Jake and told him about it. It just so happened that he was in the area and decided to stop by. Not five minutes later I hear on the radio my name mentioned and it went something like this. "Thanks to Becky who called up Jake to come down here and donate some food. He is going into Haggen right now and buying some stuff to donate. She told him I'd put a plug in for their business so here goes...Marriott Homes Painting and Alpine Roofing are their businesses and thank you Jake and Becky for donating." I felt my cheeks flush a little bit when they were talking about us on the radio. I guess I was a little embarrassed. It was for a good cause, but I guess I didn't really figure they would say the whole scenario! Anyway, it's my claim to fame I guess!

Alright, here is the Keilani-ism:
"Mom, let's play Don't Eat Pete with marshmallows." "No, you just had a cookie. You've had enough sugar today." "But, I'm still hungry for sugar!"

And a Sadie-silly:
"Mommy, my belly button is turning brown." "Is that a good thing?" "My belly button turns brown and that makes me happy!"
And another,
"Mommy, I'm going to whisper nicely in your ear and it's not going to be potty words."


jenn gent said...

Finally! :) I hope you know I'm kidding.

Way to go on the fun advertising - I wish I would have heard it.

Linda said...

Becky you are hilarious! Sounds like you had a busy week. So when is our next girls night?

The Northwest Bunch said...

Yeah Becky is back!! Now where is your tag!!! J/K Hope you have a great day and I am glad you are famous now. Love the brown belly button.

Monique said...

I love hearing about your kids and their "kid moments". I think it will be a treasure to you later when they are grown. Your blog is really cute.

Jennifer Miller said...

Now that you have a blog and have to update it ALL the time. I have a request...Pictures! I want to see the cake, and even the brown belly-botton (well maybe not that!)

The Tobler bunch said...

Goodness gracious woman...was that so hard to do for folks like us who want to know about your exciting life? Now, you forgot one thing, Where are some pictures? I lend you my camera, so I expect you to use it. Get moving girl! Also, if you happen to create a delicious dessert, SHARE the recipe. Especially if it is one of your creations! I love your baking! I love ya!

PattyFergi said...

WHEW! Man, you've been busy! And I totally am with ya with the whole updating the blog thing... PEOPLE, WE WILL GET TO IT WHEN WE HAVE A CHANCE TO BREATHE!...hehe (I've got your back Becky!)

Oh and I too, love love love the kid moments!

Marriott Fam said...